The exhibition 'MANHOLE COVERS - overlooked design', consist of images of manhole covers from many different places in the world e.g. New Zealand, USA, Norway, Denmark, Canada, Sweden, Ethiopia and Spain.

I am fascinated by the interesting design found on manhole covers - object, which most people overlook and just step on.

Often a city has its own unique design on manhole coves e.g. is the pomegranate found on several manhole covers in the Spanish city of Granada.

In New Zealand I have come across manhole covers with characteristic Maori patterns.

For a long time it puzzled me, that many manhole covers in New York City carried the inscription 'made in India'. I thought that maybe there was a place in the US called India - or maybe it was short for Indiana!. Then one day I was told that these manhole covers are in fact produced in India.

This portfolio is still growing - each year, and each travel - adds new manhole cover images to the collection

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